Advanced Penetration Testing (APT) – Pentesting High Security Environments by LSO

You think you’ve come, you’ve seen, and you’ve conquered all the training in the pentest field? Think again.

J0e McCray, Learn Security Online creator, has brewed up a new course to address the needs of the upper echelon of pentest monkeys out there. If you don’t know j0e from from his various speaking engagements at the hacker cons (Defcon, BruCon, ToorCon, LayerOne, etc), check out our quick Q&A with him at J0e has seen it all, and has put together a class that focuses on the advanced topics in penetration testing aka the things that will save your a** in a pentest.

J0e has done some tremendous work with many of the industries best pentesters/researchers including Chris Gates (LearnSecurityOnline/Attack Research) Sandro Gauci, Wendel Guglielmetti, and Marcus J. Carey. J0e’s experience stems from being director of penetration testing at some very hush-hush security firms, as well as leading pentest ninjas and red-teams on engagements for over 8 years.

Really, if you have a budget, we highly suggest this new course. J0e takes the time you need to cover the attacks you want to cover and he makes himself personally available to each student. Also he’s dropped the price for SA and readers, grab that discount here. The course takes place in  Greenbelt, Maryland from May 17th – 21st 2010. Dont miss it.

What’s the content you ask?

Advanced Penetration Tester (APT) – Penetration Testing High Security Environments

  • Advanced Scanning
  • Bypassing Network Filtering
  • Stealth Scanning
  • Bypassing IDS/IPS
  • Attacking From the Web
  • XSS to command-shell
  • SQL Injection to command-shell
  • File Handling to command-shell
  • File Upload to command-shell
  • RFI to command-shell
  • LFI to command-shell
  • Client-Side Pentesting
  • Bypassing Antivirus
  • Packing Binaries
  • Modifying Binaries with OllyDBG
  • Writing Custom Trojans
  • Email Collection
  • Pivoting into the LAN
  • Attacking From the LAN
  • USB Hacksaw/USB Switchblade
  • Bypassing Port Security
  • Bypassing NAC Solutions
  • Breaking out of Restricted Environments
  • Citrix in Kiosk Mode Hacking
  • Restricted Desktops Workarounds
  • Bypassing Group Policy Object Restricted Applications
  • Advanced Enumeration the network
  • Defeating and Identifying IDS/IPS Signatures
  • Privilege Escalation in Windows XP
  • Privilege Escalation in Windows Vista
  • Post-Exploitation
  • Remote Command Execution
  • Automating Pentest Tasks
  • Enabling RDP/VNC for Staying Power
  • Persistence After Attacks

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